The trend these days is for tougher Health and Safety legislation and clearer accountability. Society has a higher expectation to work in safe and healthy workplaces. These facts require companies to look at health and safety in a new way. 

Incident statistics, audits, and lag indicators provide only part of the picture. In a governance role you need to know where the company's "red flag" risks are and that they are being managed: 

  • Where is your organisation’s health and safety culture falling short and exposing your people to unacceptable risk?
  • How do you know what future risks are?
  • How do you know that the solution you have invested in is the right one?
    • How do you know how engaged people are in its success?
    • How do you know and show that it has reduced risk?

Unless you are using a process like NewHeights™ to strategically lead health and safety decision-making, there may be cause to worry.

"We achieved a conservatively estimated Return on Investment of 250% and savings continue as we keep improving year on year." Company CEO
"At our company, the safety and wellbeing of all employees is the most important value we hold, and we continue to focus on excellence and continuous improvement in relation to our safety culture, policies, and procedures. One of the key elements to the on-going development of our safety culture has been Orange Umbrella®, which has already delivered significant results". Company CEO