We help companies save money and reduce risk

Our innovative tools complement and work alongside your existing health and safety systems, to ensure they are working as they should.  By doing this we uncover risks ahead of time, enabling them to be proactively addressed.

“The biggest surprise was how quickly we could identify improvements and the value of those learnings to the whole business. NewHeights™ made this happen.”

— Julian Elder, Former CEO, WEL Networks (New Zealand)

How we work

We work alongside you to build healthier, safer workplaces. We proactively seek new knowledge using leading edge technology and present easily understood solutions. With reliable, well sourced information, clients will develop highly effective, high performance businesses.  

Our exclusive products provide you with high quality information about what is really happening in your business so that you can target improvement and transform bottom-line performance.

Performance data is at your fingertips so you can protect your greatest resource – your staff. Understanding their health and safety issues, and pinpointing risks significantly improves executive decision-making leading to better workplace performance.