NewHeights™:  Applicable for both companies and principal-contractor relationships, this is a managed process for staff and executives to build a safe and high performance organisation or undertaking. NewHeights™  is a concentrated "incubator" package designed to steer the workplace culture so that collaboration and participation become new habits.  From that foundation, companies are able to facilitate their own ongoing process to continue using the leading indicators to track and mitigate health, safety and system risks. The package is tailored to each company pr project and includes Process Leader Training and mentoring,  the GSP Survey and online analysis tool, Sadar™ Dashboard, benchmarking, trending and facilitation of onsite workshops. Compatible with existing health and safety systems, ISO and WSMP audits, and requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. 


GSP® Survey:  Applicable for both companies and principal-contractor relationships, this is an option for workplaces that have the inhouse capability to follow up on the GSP® Survey. The library of researched and statistically tested GSP® questions allows for trending, tracking and benchmarking with other industries. The platform can also be used for custom questions. Sadar™ Dashboard, analysis and reporting functions are part of the survey only option. 


Facilitation: An option for companies or projects that use surveys but do not have the facilitation expertise, or require independent facilitation. 


SME Snapshot:  The Snapshot package is designed for companies or projects to do a very quick test of their health and safety culture using a shortened,  general version of the GSP® Survey.

It is designed for:

  • small businesses/projects with under 15 staff

  • companies starting out on their safety culture journey

  • companies needing to onboard their executive and governance leaders with a sample or trial.


Health and Safety Mentoring for Directors: This service is flexible for the needs of the company directors who may not have extensive experience in the new health and safety obligations. It can be structured as:

  • Facilitation to understand the GSP® Survey and/or NewHeights™ findings and navigate the direction for the company to achieve positive outcomes

  • Individual coaching sessions with Directors

  • Training to comply with the new Director obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act.


Health and Safety Mentoring for Leaders: This service is flexible to meet the needs of both informal and formal health and safety leaders in the company.

  • Action Plan Committee Representative Training/Facilitation to assist the new group to establish and organise for its new role; presenting to peers, company leaders and directors; communication and feedback skills.

  • Mentoring for Managers

  • Mentoring for Senior Managers


Restorative Process When an undesired event happens in the workplace, there can be left-over feelings of bitterness, injustice, hurt and anger. If left, this can grow and erode relationships and affect communication and engagement, and if it involves a large number of people, it can create significant risk. The undesired event could be an injury or an incident, or a problem/conflict with a co-worker. We provide a safe process for addressing these unresolved barriers to improve communication, collaboration and engagement.