Meet our team

Heidi Börner  MN, COHN(C), BN, RN

Heidi is a co-creator of the Orange Umbrella® tools which help employers diagnose and quantify the hidden risks in their organisation so they can proactively manage health and safety outcomes. She coaches and mentors employers to proactively evaluate and reduce their health and safety system risks using the Orange Umbrella® tools. Heidi is registered with HASANZ as a verified workplace health and safety professional and is an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership at Victoria University of Wellington looking at the influence of ethical leadership on health and safety. LinkedIn


Jon Everest   MSc, GradDipBsnsStds (Disputes Resolution), Cert. Supervision, FRIAdvMed, IMI Cert. Mediator

Jon brings his risk management, governance, restorative justice, facilitation and mediation experience to develop and maintain the facilitation framework including recruiting, training and coaching Orange Umbrella® facilitators and Process Leaders to deliver a safe and effective evaluation of workplace safety and risk culture using the survey and staff feedback process. Jon also holds the Senior Consultant, Practice Development in the Diana Unwin Chair of Restorative Justice at Victoria University of Wellington. LinkedIn


Matthew Kerr Master in Entrepreneurship, BDes (Interior Architecture)

Matthew has formal education in both design and business analysis. As Product Designer & Manager he provides IT design of the Orange Umbrella® online tools and supports our clients.



Tony Roithmayr  MEd

Tony Roithmayr has 25 years experience helping Canadian businesses align human performance with the results required by their organisations.  He is a retired co-founder of Orange Umbrella®.


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Madeleine Taylor   BSW, Certified Executive Coach, Certified Trainer and Facilitator of Conflict Partnership

Madeleine works in the area of people skills consulting as a facilitator, executive coach, trainer and professional supervisor. At Orange Umbrella®, Madeleine uses her facilitation and adult education experience to work with organisations to deliver the survey and feedback process.

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Nicky Wells  LLB (Hons), GradDip Adult Education, Cert. Executive Coaching, APMG International Certified Change Management Practitioner

Nicky works in the area of communication skills and instructional design, consulting as a coach, facilitator, trainer and adult educator. At Orange Umbrella Nicky brings her facilitation and coaching experience to deliver a safe, effective evaluation of workplace safety using the survey and staff feedback process.