Sharing of Knowledge and Information 

Although we work with companies, associations, community groups and a variety of organisational entities, we are fundamentally working with people. Measuring, monitoring and challenging the status quo requires change, and change is often not easy for people to do. We have accumulated years of experience working with people to create safer and healthier work environments, and we feel it is important to share some of that learning. It might be in the form of a thought-provoking article we have come across, or a story. We hope you find the information useful, and we welcome your feedback:



July 2015: Safety habits: The building blocks of a healthy and positive safety culture? Jon Everest, Orange Umbrella®

June 2015: Dyck, D. (2015). Occupational Health & Safety: Theory, Strategy & Industry Practice: Third EdThis is a foundation textbook for health and safety professionals in Canada, and contains a chapter on the Orange Umbrella® methodology underpinning the EEA Safety Climate Project in New Zealand. 

Dec 2014: Article in Institute of Directors Boardroom publication Dec 2014 p 37Patricia Herbert. The EEA Safety Climate Project was featured in a discussion of health and safety culture challenges. The process referred to is Orange Umbrella®.