HRINZ Health and Safety Special Interest Group - Wellington

February 18, 2016

HRINZ Contact: Theresa Khatchian

Presentation by Orange Umbrella® : Workplace Health and Safety Industry Best Practice

With the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 coming into force in April, Human Resources professionals may be asking:

1. What practices can we put in place that will meet the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015? 

2. What does good work participation and engagement look like?

3. What has been learned from industry best practice?

4. How do human resource strategies contribute to successful outcomes in health and safety management?

To help answer these questions, join us to hear the findings from the electricity industry’s Safety Climate Project. They are meeting the requirements of the new Health and Safety at Work Act with fresh, innovative thinking. The Safety Climate Project participants have been using the Orange Umbrella® process successfully since 2010 to measure, monitor, improve and actively manage their health and safety culture. Through the Safety Climate Project companies are able to achieve compliance and valuable business benefits: 

  • Measure the strengths and weaknesses of the workplace health and safety culture to target the right improvement actions (required by legislation)
  • Measure and monitor progress (required by legislation)
  • Keep company directors and leaders supplied with the leading information and evidence they need to meet the due diligence (required by legislation)
  • Achieve a positive return on investment due to improved efficiency, quality, productivity and lower costs related to incidents such as investigation time, insurance premiums, and effect on people 
  • Increase engagement and accountability (required by legislation)
  • The opportunity to collaborate with other innovative professionals and colleagues to discuss leading-edge and effective solutions.


Speaker Bio:  Heidi Börner MN, COHN(C), BN, RN

Director, Orange Umbrella Ltd.,

Heidi Börner is a Canadian certified occupational health nurse specialist who started her career in 1992. Her consulting experience spans occupational health and safety system development, injury management, accident and injury investigation, auditing, and research for a wide range of business types in New Zealand and Canada. Through her experience she observed that companies were struggling to manage risks posed by workplace culture because they did not have the tools to measure and monitor the effect of workplace culture on health and safety performance. As a result, she co-developed the Orange Umbrella® tools for organisations, associations, insurers and compliance bodies and tested the tools in her Master’s research. Orange Umbrella® tools are currently being used in Canada and New Zealand in a variety of industries.