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The biggest concern for any business executive or board member is the liability they may face in the event of a financial collapse or loss of life in the workplace, events that by law they now will be held inescapably accountable for.
These events can cripple businesses, destroy lives and ruin reputations. The question now becomes how can we foretell these types of calamities, how can we measure the huge number of elusive factors that usually become evident with hindsight.
We call these elusive factors ‘invisible turbulence’ and they can cause us terrifying anxieties, that feeling of being out of control, of not knowing what is happening or where we are heading.
The hidden cost of poor workplace health and safety, while difficult to see, is immense. Decreased productivity, inefficiency, absenteeism, high staff turnover, accidents and litigation exact a heavy toll, seldom recognised let alone factored within organisations.
It should not come as a surprise to learn that a safe and healthy workplace has the potential to transform bottom line performance in an era where gains are now harder to both identify and come by.
The big question is how?



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