What we do

"Orange Umbrella® has the only process we have seen that allows us to accurately measure our health and safety risk, benchmark it, and create engagement all in a timely and safe way. It has helped us turn our company around." CEO

Minimise risk, lift performance

Orange Umbrella® tools complement your existing health and safety systems by evaluating them to ensure they are functioning as they should.  Risks are uncovered so they can be proactively mitigated resulting in leading injury prevention and better performance.

Performance data is at your fingertips so you can protect your greatest resource – your staff. Understanding their health and safety issues, and pinpointing risks significantly improves executive decision-making leading to better workplace performance.

"We can see the effort and commitment that our company management puts into the Orange Umbrella® project, and they are doing the right things. The improving scores show that." Employee

Invisible turbulence

Staff are an organisation’s most valuable resource and the most expensive. Unlike machines, human performance is reliant on the creation and maintenance of safe and healthy workplace.

The hidden cost of poor workplace health and safety, while difficult to see is immense. Decreased productivity, inefficiency, absenteeism, high staff turnover, accidents and litigation are like hidden turbulence exacting a heavy toll, seldom recognised within organisations.

SADAR™ provides you with high quality information about what is really happening in your business so that you can target improvement and transform bottom-line performance. Click here to review case studies.

"As a result of the Orange Umbrella® project, people feel encouraged to say when something is wrong, and when people raise things they are listened to. This is with positive things too. It creates a good atmosphere." Employee

SADAR™ targets and tracks invisible risk