How it works

"We use the complete NewHeights™ process. The information feeds into our health and safety committee agenda and our corporate health and safety strategy. We already have high audit scores to show our systems are in place. The issues coming out of the NewHeights™ process tell us how well the system is working for people - both field and office-based."  Manager

Rising to NewHeights™

Orange Umbrella® recognises that building a high performance organisation requires more than just collecting and analysing data. The information has to be used well, and NewHeights™ ensures that “risk profiles” are not only identified, but actively and continuously managed.

The four stages of the NewHeights™ provide a vehicle for discussion and collaboration between all parts of the business from staff to executives. Participation in a safe process allows for honest and open discussions about the hidden risks in the business with the goal of completing actions to reduce the risks.

Identifying the absolutes

The model underpinning the NewHeights™ process is the Great Safety Performance Model™.

Great Safety Performance is achieved when people perform SAFE WORK ACTIONS required by their job every day, every time. To achieve this, people must:

KNOW what to do,

be ABLE to do it,

be EQUIPPED to do it, and

WANT to do it.

This is only possible with the right INTERACTIONS which encourage the free exchange of opinion and ideas. These elements are facilitated within a climate of confidence that comes through committed LEADERSHIP.

The seven elements of the model are leading indicators of organisational safety, which are quantified using a survey. Through measurement and improvement of each element, safety risk is reduced.

Each company tailors their own project plan to suit them. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.