How will Orange Umbrella® complement our health and safety systems?

Orange Umbrella® tools evaluate how well your system is working. A good health and safety system is a significant investment for a company. So you want people using it, and you want it to work properly to keep people healthy and safe. 

  • Individual companies: We work with individual companies so they can determine the areas of strength and those requiring improvement.
  •  Industry associations: We work with a group of companies and their association to improve at both the company and the industry level. Examples are partnerships with the Electricity Supply Industry, and Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  •  Partnering with service delivery companies: This partnership allows for a neutral needs analysis for a company by Orange Umbrella® , followed by an intervention, and then a neutral post-intervention assessment to measure the results. Examples are health and safety and business consulting companies, auditors, legal compliance advisors, and researchers. 


Isn't it enough to count and investigate incidents?

The factors that lead to incidents are identifiable well before the incident happens. It is better to intervene early to fix factors that create risk than to try and fix them after the fact. Get a full picture of health and safety risk by monitoring both leading and lagging indicators.


Best Timing: When to run the Orange Umbrella® Process?

For business leaders, the Orange Umbrella® evaluation tools complement company systems to provide data about health and safety culture for decision-making, promoting engagement, and measuring success at each stage of a project or initiative. The tools generate leading risk metrics for boards, senior management and staff.

Before money is spent: It is expensive to install the wrong solution to fix a problem. Before buying a solution Orange Umbrella® is used to:

  • Check with your people to find out what they think the problem is from their perspective, what they need and where they see the gaps and risks.
  • Find out from your people what will make a successful implementation. 
  • Establish and keep your people’s engagement in the solution for successful implementation.

During programme/solution development: Going off-track during the development phase is a common and expensive pitfall. During the development of a programme or solution Orange Umbrella® is used to:

  • Check with your people that the programme is on the right track.
  • Make programme adjustments.
  • Keep up engagement.
  • Promote communication.

Post Implementation:  Did the programme or initiative deliver what was needed?  Orange Umbrella® is used to provide information on the impact of the programme, and to quantify changes. 

  • Check that the programme is working as it should.
  • Does it deliver what people expected?
  • Are people using it? 
  • How has their health and safety behavior changed?
  • What do people say are the barriers to using it?
  • How do your people feel it helps keep them safe and healthy at work?
  • How does it lower risk?
  • What improvement in efficiency and quality do your people identify?

Ongoing Evaluation:  Companies and their people are continually changing. For that reason, it is important to keep tracking the company health and safety culture and risks, just like checking the speedometer when driving a car. Orange Umbrella® data allows for tracking and trending, and comparisons between different groups, and provides evidence of culture improvement and employee participation.

Improving health and safety culture and behaviour is key to improving company performance and risk management and extends well past health and safety compliance. The added value includes improvements in efficiency and quality, and significant returns on investment. 


Why are both the survey and the workshops together the most effective approach?

The survey provides quantitative data and the workshops provide qualitative data. Both types of information work best to get to the root of issues, and come up with the right solutions. We hear over and over how companies that run only surveys do not follow up on the results. Orange Umbrella® tools set up companies for success so that they are more likely to follow through on promises.


Where did the survey questions come from?

Front-line employees, research, industry groups and subject matter experts have been widely consulted to ensure that the questions capture the information required for maintaining safe work systems. Questions are statistically checked for validity and reliability. 


What are Leading Indicators?

A Leading Indicator is intended to forecast trends in safety performance. Orange Umbrella® leading indicators are derived from a holistic examination of the entire organisation system - everything and everybody that surrounds workers and their work. Leading indicators are directly correlated to the safe work practices of workers and the safety related outcomes of their actions. Valid leading indicators can be used to anticipate (forecast) safety outcomes.


What about confidentiality?

All employees responses are confidential and aggregated when answering the surveys. Small groups (fewer than 5 respondents) will be combined with another group to preserve anonymity. There is no way for anyone to know how any one person has answered the questions. The grouped information is then reported back to the organisation.


How is the survey anonymous if there is a code associated with my name?

The code is used to ensure that we get the demographics right and that people are completing the correct survey, and only completing it once. Whether the respondent completes the survey online using a link through email, or with a code entered into the site manually, the code can only be used once. The code is used up when the respondent accesses their survey and cannot be used again. When a respondent has to leave before completing the survey and asks for more time, they receive a new code, which again can only be used once. This system prevents anyone else using the code to see answers that a respondent has entered.


Are we ready to do this?

Your senior managers need to be on board before we will start with the company. The reason is that by going through the surveys and the workshops we raise an expectation that issues will be followed through-that promises will be kept. The senior management team, including the CEO and Board of Directors, need to provide resources for improving issues, but more importantly they need to provide leadership. If you have this, you are ready.