Case Studies

In the spirit of sharing the lessons learned, two companies summarise their health and safety improvement experience so far. Interesting that even though they both had low or zero lost time injuries, they still found many unidentified risks to work on and positive results.


Trustpower's Safety Climate Project Experience

Executive Summary

Trustpower has H&S systems that meet all typical requirements which include:

  • Leadership sign off to ensure senior management commitment
  • Health and safety pledge
  • A strategy to develop health and safety
  • Regular H&S meetings with employee participation
  • A vast volume of safety related compliance requirements.

But we strive to be more than this!

We are working towards building and maintaining a culture where ‘safety is how we do business around here’. A critical part of this is our Great Safety Performance™ ( GSP) programme for our high risk field staff. These are the people that face real significant hazards each day.

Trustpower strategy involved clarifying the supervisor role, and then mentoring, supporting,
and providing training so those supervisors could successfully carry out their role. This is evident in the survey results below as SADAR™s.

  • Increased Near Miss reporting from 17% to 42%.
  • Reduction in failed starts due to better preventive maintenance.
  • Improve communication.
  • Improved PPE.
  • Improved vehicle and plant.
  • Improved training.
  • Improved technology.
  • Improved safety goal setting.

The case study concludes by encapsulating the EEA Safety Climate Project experience at Trustpower:
Trustpower has shifted its focus from primarily health and safety compliance
towards behavioural safety. There will still be a level of compliance focus but
this is balanced with understanding human factors and the impact this has
on safety. This is a long term initiative to improve the safety culture within
the organisation by using the staff to own and drive the safety process.
The journey to date has shown significant improvements in positive
performance indicators and we believe this will have long term benefits by
imbedding safe work values and practices. The output of this is a mature
safety culture and result in significant reduction in injuries to our people.
This initiative is a long term commitment and we expect to see significant
improvements over the coming years as we continue this process.

Trustpower SADAR™results over the first three rounds.   More

Trustpower SADAR™s for the first three rounds.  More...


Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 12.38.52 am.png

Unison’s case study outlines their journey. In an environment of zero reported lost time injuries, they ran three rounds of the Orange Umbrella® surveys and improvement processes. The second round was valuable because it indicated the need for a strengthened leadership and more involvement of their staff in creating solutions. The programmes and activities were adjusted accordingly and this resulted in improvements in round 3. There is still room for improvement, and their commitment to ongoing monitoring will ensure that issues will continue to be improved. The workplace is dynamic and ongoing tracking of performance will enable the early identification of risks. Improvements in the leading GSP™ indicators are demonstrated using SADAR™. Unison's 2014 Workplace Safety Award.  Unison's 2015 ACC Safety Award

Unison Contracting Services
Great Safety Performance™ Journey

 For many Unison Contracting Services Limited (UCSL) employees, each day presents hazards intrinsic to the industry they work in. Our employees work with the invisible danger posed by electricity, often on challenging terrains or in storm conditions. 

At UCSL, the safety and wellbeing of all employees is the most important value we hold, and we continue to focus on excellence and continuous improvement in relation to our safety culture, policies, and procedures. 

One of the key elements to the on-going development of our safety culture has been the introduction of the Great Safety Performance project, which has already delivered significant results to UCSL and its employees. 

The Great Safety Performance™ project is an initiative introduced by the Electricity Engineers Association (called the Safety Climate Project), as a tool to help the New Zealand electricity supply industry to address effective leading indicators, leadership and engagement, as key components in driving workplace culture improvement.

Unison SADAR™s for three rounds.   More

Unison SADAR™s for the first three rounds. More...