Turnover and Absenteeism Calculator

Try this basic calculator out to get an idea of the effect of turnover and absenteeism in your company. Enter the information for your company in the white boxes on the left.

Each percent reduction can make a big difference to the bottom line.

Our clients are using these savings to continuously improve their systems to promote health and safety, quality and productivity.



Incident/Injury Calculator

This calculator give you a basic view of the direct and indirect costs of injury and incidents. Indirect costs can be calculated by multiplying the direct costs by anywhere from 4 to 50 times to take into consideration the effects of an incident such as time to conduct the investigation, reputational damage, opportunity cost and extra resources to name a few. Even with the very conservative multiplier of 4 that we have used here, you can see the significant costs to the organisation, and we have not even started to talk about the human costs.



Rate Calculator

Use this calculator to determine a rate per 200,000 hours worked. To do this you will need the number of people you are calculating this for, the number of hours they worked in the time period you are looking at  (average time worked is about 2000 hours per year so you can use this as an estimate) and the number of incidents that occurred during that time.